Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tim: Day 9

We, as a group, have been luckily enough to volunteer for two sports at the World Games.  The first sport we were tasked with was American Football.  I worked mainly with the media division during the American Football games, but also floated to other departments if they needed help.  My responsibility during the games was to make sure all media members were in their designated zones.  Most of the photographers and journalists knew where they were supposed to be, but some were in areas they were not allowed to be in.  I was basically like security.  The second sport we get to volunteer for is Speedway.  I had no idea exactly what Speedway was before the World Games.  I found out the sport is extremely popular in Europe, and like NASCAR on motorbikes.  I was originally supposed be working in information during Speedway, but now am going to be working ticketing.  This sometimes happens with volunteering as things change. 

My experience in Poland so far has surpassed even my wildest expectations.  This was my first time being in a foreign country, and I have been trying to soak it all up.  It continues to be easy getting around the city as volunteers of the World Games get free transportation with our credentials.  We have been able to see so much in our time.  One of our first nights we saw light show on the fountains which was exciting.  Seeing Centennial Hall was beautiful.  Downtown Wroclaw is a sight to see, and it always leaves me with a sense of wonder.  On other excursions around the city, like to see other sports from the World Games, has let us see many other parts of the city.  We had a great hike to Narodowy Gor Stolowych.  I am not a big fan of hiking normally, but it was eerily beautiful.  The site was full of luscious greenery, small steps, and a grand history.  Krakow reminded me of a metropolis steeped in history.  It was awe-inspiring hearing about buildings well over a 1,000 years old.  One of our final group excursions was to Auschwitz.  Before we left, I was looking the most forward to this trip more than anything.  The trip to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial was something difficult to explain.  Some other members have discussed their take on the trip.  It was stunning to see everything up close.  One can read countless books or watch dozens of movies, but nothing compares to seeing the real thing.  It was heartbreaking, tough to get through at times, but important to know about. 

I was excited to get the opportunity to cover lacrosse at the World Games.  2017 marks the first-time lacrosse will be played at the World Games.  Only women will participate in these games.  I usually tell people that lacrosse is kind of a mix of soccer and hockey on grass.  Lacrosse is played with a ball, and carried with a lacrosse stick.  The ball moves via being carried or thrown.  The goal, no pun intended, is to put the ball in the opponent’s goal, or make sure the other team does not put the ball in your goal.  One of the more important rules is the goalie is the only one allowed to touch the ball with their hand, and that is only when they are within the crease.  The countries participating in lacrosse at the 2017 World Games are Poland, USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and Japan.  Lacrosse is in the early stages of play while my blog is due.  The first day of matches, the USA beat Poland 20-0, Great Britain beat Japan 9-5, and Canada beat Australia 15-10.  The second day started off with another USA win, this time over Great Britain 14-6.  That was the closest game of the day as Australia destroyed Poland 23-0, and Canada beat Japan 18-5. 

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